Responsible business

We own it. At every level, in every position, we’re responsible

We work hard to enable societies to thrive across all of the communities we serve. Whether it’s through our annual Mission Day, or the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation, being socially-conscious is part of our culture.

It’s also why we follow responsible business policies – like our Code of Conduct and our Anti-corruption policy – so everyone’s clear how we conduct our business.


Our Code of Conduct

We’re committed to conducting our business with honesty and integrity, following high ethical standards, and respecting each other and the people we do business with. Our code sets out the basic rules, standards and behaviors we expect of our people and the people we do business with.

Our employees and directors are expected to consistently follow the meaning and the intent of this Code, and to act with integrity in everything we do.


Our anti-corruption policy

We comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws for our company, conducting our business in such a way so there’s no doubt that everything we do is transparent. Our Anti-corruption policy sets out the basic rules we follow to achieve these objectives.